More and more people are finding out how beneficial bees are to our ecosystem. In fact, people are becoming much more aware of the dangers that come with a bee extinction. Wasps are less so, and are some of the most difficult pests to deal with because of their aggressive nature, and the fact they can sting a person many times.

Both can cause a serious problem on your property, as well as be dangerous to people, pets and livestock. At Pest Bros it is our goal to deal with both, but eliminating wasps and safely removing bees from your property and working to relocate them so that you don’t have to deal with the risk of injury.

When Beehives Becomes Dangerous

While honey bees are vital to our survival, there are some times that bee populations on your property can become a serious danger to not only you but any of your neighbors nearby as well. Not all bees are so docile though. If you don’t deal with a beehive that is slowly getting larger and larger, the problem can get out of hand and is much more difficult to take care of. The first step in bee removal is identifying what species you are dealing with. Pest Bros specialists often find that customers who think they have a bee problem actually have a problem with wasps and yellow jackets.

We Can Safely Remove Bees from Your Property

Without the right equipment and protective clothing, you could be facing a real risk as you attempt to remove bees on your own. At Pest Bros, we use specialized equipment like bee poles and protective suits that will help us ensure that the removal of the bees is done safely.

Wasp Control & Nest Removal Process

At Pest Bros, we know that there is real danger in trying to handle a wasp infestation on your own. Our team of pest control technicians are fully equipped to handle and remove any wasp infestation on your property so that you are safe from their dreadful stings.

There are three main steps to the way that the pest control experts at Pest Bros deal with wasp problems.

  • Step 1: Stinging Insect Identification– There are many different wasp species in our area, and one of the keys to successfully getting rid of them is to identify the species you are working with. Our team of qualified technicians have the experience and expertise to easily identify the stinging insect species through our knowledge, training and experience.
  • Step 2: Recommendations– The type of treatment that our technician recommends for a wasp infestation depends on a few different factors. First, it depends on the type of wasp we are dealing with. The severity of the infestation along with the location of the nest will also play into how we recommend treating the situation as well.
  • Step 3: Wasp Treatment– The most common treatments we use to get rid of a wasp problem include aerosols, dust or liquid applications. At Pest Bros, we have all the protective gear and equipment that make wasp and nest removal completely safe.